Layne Grace -Layne’s Grandpa, from Layne’s memorial service.
Butterflies are special with their beauty and their grace
Just as Layne’s perfect little body and her pretty little face.
Butterflies are special, they lift our spirits on their wings
Now Layne has that power if we listen when she sings.
Although she never drew a breath, laughed, or shed a tear
She will bless us each and every time we feel her spirit near.
We know not what she would have become in life-
A teacher, doctor, caring mother, loving wife?
But this we know beyond a doubt, she would have done it very well.
And now she says, “Rise up with me-it’s life, not death, on which to dwell.”
She’d say to morn and dad, “I really hate it you’re so sad.
But cheer up just a litte, you won’t have to spank me when I’m bad.”
To the coolest Lukie Luke you are a super special, awesome brother,
We might have teased a little, but oh how we can love each other
To grandmas and grandpas her message would be so clever,
“You can still brag to all your friends that I’m the smartest baby ever”
And to aunts and uncles, cousins, too, this is what she’d say to do,
“Be sure to laugh and love, and always let me play with you.”
Layne would say to all good friends who have gathered here,
Thanks for corning, it helps us all to have you near.”
She would want the best for each of us- to see the world a better place.
Let’s try our best to make it so in memory of our Layne Grace.
And though we all have separate lives, this is what we know for sure,
To fully honor Layne, we must now be the ones to ‘fly” for her.