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We would be happy to send a homemade Layne bear to you or a friend, free of charge. Please include in your email: to whom the bear is for, the gender (if known) of the baby, to whom to address the package, and the mailing address.

Each bear comes with a message that reads:

“This Layne bear was homemade for you so that you know how much you and your baby are loved. They say that a butterfly’s life is short, but beautiful, and has the ability to make all people happy if only for an instant. You’re baby is beautiful and will  never be forgotten.”

We would be happy to hear your story, visit the “share your story page” “ or email me at

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Layne’s Grace operates on love. The purpose is not to make money, but to create a place of comfort. Please do not feel obligated to donate and know that we are not a 501-C3. However, any donations would be made in kind and used in good faith to continue Layne’s Grace.

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